Q: What drew you to working in Charleston?

A: Charleston is a city of great opportunity and collaboration. Established businesses are open to work with startups. They’re a ton of organizations committed to growing the technology industry specifically. Founders with 9 digit exits come back to mentor and invest. It’s a special place and I am grateful to live and work here.

Q: What’s something exciting you are working on right now?

A: We recently announced our first community-wide program called Palmetto Connection. Using our AI and matching technology, Palmetto Connection connects graduating college seniors with local companies based on their cultural/intellectual fit.

Being new to South Carolina, it’s nice to find a way to contribute to the Charleston community.

Q: Why do you think Charleston is a burgeoning tech sector?

A: It’s easy to recruit tech talent to the Lowcountry. We have a world class food scene. The city is gorgeous. It’s 70 degrees in January. Need I say more?

Q: Best advice to those looking to move to Charleston for work?

A: Take the plunge! If you decide to quit your job or start a new project, there’s plenty of other tech work here to support you and your family.

Q: What does Charleston Open Source mean to you? (In 5 words or less)

A: Way to grow our community.

Q: What's your motivation for working in Charleston?

A: The people. Some of the best startup/technology minds in the country are based here in the Lowcountry. I greatly admire the work of our local leaders.

Q: What does Charleston tech community have to offer over other cities?

A: Charleston is a big small town. It’s easy to reach nearly every member of technology community. If you don’t connect during the week, you’ll find yourself shoulder to shoulder with them at the next oyster roast!

Q: It's the weekend - what do you do in Charleston?

A: There’s not "one" thing. I really enjoy exploring downtown, spending time with friends on the beach, grabbing a drink on Shem Creek, or attending a festival. My wife and I joke sometimes that we wish for one day it would be bad weather, so we had an excuse to sit on the couch all day!

Q: Your not-to-miss spot in Charleston?

A: Folly Beach. At the end of the island, you can get a 270-degree view of the sunset. There’s a “disappearing pier” that only appears on nights with very low tide. It’s my favorite place on earth.

Q: Describe living in Charleston in ONE word.

A: Grateful.

Q: Favorite Charleston event?

A: Charleston Fashion Week. It’s so far out of my comfort zone, but the entrepreneur in me loves watching the designers, bloggers, and models fulfilling their dreams on their biggest stage. If you go, find the mastermind behind JoJo Rings. Her name is Jordan Richichi. I’ll be somewhere in the corner holding her stuff!

Q: Only in Charleston __________.

A: I actually just said this outloud to a friend!

You can spend the morning coding on the beach, have a few oysters for lunch, and present your stack in the afternoon.

  • AJ Richichi

    CEO/Founder, Sprockets
  • Lillian Rudacille

    Project Manager, eGroup
  • Aaron Whitney

    Full-Stack Developer, BoomTown!
  • Andrew Rowe

    Software Engineer, Blackbaud
  • Anna Todd

    Scrum Master, PhishLabs
  • Ben Wong

    Strategic Services Manager, Blackbaud
  • Jared Jones

    Business Development Representative, Questis
  • George Mountis

    Product Designer, BoomTown!
  • Leandra Hurlbert

    Project Manager, eGroup
  • Sarah Miles

    Associate Software Engineer, BoomTown!
  • Billy Mullins

    Senior Director of Software Engineering, Benefitfocus

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