Q: How long at the company?

A: 3 years.

Q: Where in Charleston do you live?

A: Coleman Boulevard, Mt Pleasant.

Q: What drew you to working in Charleston?

A: The weather drew me to working in Charleston and the lower cost of living than other similar places that I looked at such as San Francisco, San Diego, and Vancouver BC, Canada.

Q: Why do you think Charleston is a burgeoning tech sector?

A: The rapid growth in Charleston is due to many things – aside from being a beautiful city in it's own right, the weather is amazing, the people are friendly, the food is world class. The nightlife and ability to network – important to many younger professionals is also thriving. As new professionals enter the workforce the push for a healthy work/life balance ranks Charleston near the top of other tech-hub cities.

Q: What does the Charleston tech community have to offer over other cities?

A: A lower cost of living, a wide variety of jobs, a great work-life balance.

Q: It's the weekend - what do you do in Charleston?

A: Usually when the weather is good (so basically all the time) you can find me biking in Old Village in Mount Pleasant or doing something else relatively active like bridge running or beach volleyball. Of course, Sunday brunch is a religion and you can more than likely find me eating it somewhere downtown or at Page's Okra Grill grubbing up on the Chicken and Waffles or French Toast.

Q: Your not-to-miss spot in Charleston?

A: Zia Taqueria. Hands down the best taco spot in Charleston. Go for the Shrimp Tacos and a Grand Gold Margarita.

Q: Describe living in Charleston in ONE word.

A: Energetic.

Q: Favorite Charleston event?

A: There are way too many events in Charleston that "hit the spot" – simply too many to name a favorite! Mac and Cheese cook-offs to Beer Tastings to Oyster Roasts – you name it, we have it!

Q: What's the most exciting thing happening in Charleston?

A: In my opinion the old to new residential development in Charleston is both equally exciting and amazing. There is a tremendous push around here to restore old homes or create new homes with the older look and feel. Downtown, West Ashley, Old Village, and James Island are pretty great spots to start looking at building or renovating a home. You get to keep the charm of the old and incorporate a little bit of yourself into it. I can't wait to see what these places will look like in the next 5 to 10 years.

Q: Favorite Charleston experience?

A: My favorite experience in Charleston was when I first moved down and had to find out where all the cool spots in the city are – it's three years later and I am still exploring and finding new ones.

Q: Only in Charleston can you __________.

A: "Stay classier" than San Diego.

  • Ben Wong

    Strategic Services Manager at BLACKBAUD
  • David Rogina

    Senior Software Engineer/Technical Lead, STRATEGIC OPERATIONAL SOLUTIONS, INC.
  • George Mountis

    Product Designer, BOOMTOWN!
  • Jamie Danjoint

    Technical Services Manager, EGROUP
  • Jen Clark

    Data Scientist at Benefitfocus
  • Matt Gough

    Chief Echovater, ECHOVATE
  • Shayne Estes

    Engineer, EGROUP
  • Patrick Alessi

    Technical Lead at SPARC
  • Wendy Pochop

    Director, Client Success at GOOD DONE GREAT

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