Q: How long at the company?

A: Two years.

Q: Where in Charleston do you live?

A: Mount Pleasant.

Q: What drew you to working in Charleston?

A: Charleston is a unique mash-up of tech companies, history & culture with such close proximity to the water. The people that live here are in the area because they want to be, they are living a deliberate lifestyle and that makes the community that much more open and receptive to collaboration.

Q: Why do you think Charleston is a burgeoning tech sector?

A: Charleston has so much to offer tech companies because of the combination of quality of life, thought leaders and established companies. People recognize this and want to relocate their companies here or do their next start up here. I could have lived and started Echovate anywhere in the world, and I chose Charleston for all those reasons.

Q: Best advice to those looking to move to Charleston for work?

A: Just get here, network, visit and immerse yourself in the community. It is a very supportive community. Don't just send in a resume, meet the people and tell your story... that goes a long way!

Q: What does Charleston Open Source mean to you? (In 5 words or less)

A: Progressive collaboration.

Q: What's your motivation for working in Charleston?

A: So many things... it's a place I can raise a family and be plugged into a growing tech scene. It blends that work/life balance very easily.

Q: It's the weekend - what do you do in Charleston?

A: Go to the beach, farmers market, downtown for drinks and dinner, ride bikes, take walks or go to one of the many events happening.

Q: Your not-to-miss spot in Charleston?

A: Sullivan's Island.

Q: Describe living in Charleston in ONE word.

A: Amazing.

Q: Favorite Charleston event?

A: Polar plunge on New Years Day at Sullivans with 4,000 other people.

Q: What's the most exciting thing happening in Charleston?

A: The growing tech community.

Q: Favorite Charleston experience?

A: Watching my kids hunt for sea shells on the beach.

Q: Only in Charleston __________.

A: You can have a product meeting at the beach.

  • Ben Wong

    Strategic Services Manager at BLACKBAUD
  • David Rogina

    Senior Software Engineer/Technical Lead, STRATEGIC OPERATIONAL SOLUTIONS, INC.
  • George Mountis

    Product Designer, BOOMTOWN!
  • Jamie Danjoint

    Technical Services Manager, EGROUP
  • Jen Clark

    Data Scientist at Benefitfocus
  • Matt Gough

    Chief Echovater, ECHOVATE
  • Shayne Estes

    Engineer, EGROUP
  • Patrick Alessi

    Technical Lead at SPARC
  • Wendy Pochop

    Director, Client Success at GOOD DONE GREAT

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